Wedding Date: February 17, 2017

Weddings are more often than not a reflection of a couple’s personality, character, vibe and their life story. A story of how they got together, the ups and downs, the journey of how everything became a reality. Macoy and Martie’s story was certainly a powerful one. Seeing all the details, absorbing the energy of everyone in attendance even with the presence of rain during the ceremony; was just overwhelmingly beautiful. It was in short a celebration, delicately put together in the most intricate way out of love.

We loved every detail of this black and gold themed wedding. Hints of greenery completed the over look of minimalism and class.

At the end of the wedding, all that would be left are the photographs, stills of memories that that would just remind us of the joy, the laughter, the scent of the place, the taste of great food, and the another wonderful happy ever after.