GB and Coreen

Direk GB found his love team in his own real life story, Coreen. A love that you thought you could only see in movies was witnessed in their marriage. Congrats Direk and Coreen!

Francis & Abby

Falling in love in a beautiful paradise with your perfect soulmate is the best.

Marlo & Erika

“When you are meant for each other, every turn will always lead to the one.” Congratulations, Marlo and Erika! Your wedding indeed is one for the books. The love you have shown and given each other inspired everyone else who were there. Stay in love!

Mendel and Ana

At some point we try to find the “perfect” soulmate. Only to be reminded that when you meet “the one”, that person won’t be perfect. But your story is. Location: Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Enzo and Gem

“Rome is built on ruins And is quite breathtaking; What makes you think You can’t be too?”