Who We Are

We’re thrilled that you’re considering Chestknots for your special day!

Chestknots is a team of service-oriented and quality-driven individuals who believe in producing photos that are as good as the memories built behind them!

We have spent years dedicated to our craft and our clients, aiming to provide nothing but the best that the wedding photography industry has to offer — from pre-production, event day and post-production.

With Chestknots, you can rest assured that nothing is contrived. We patiently follow the rhythm of each moment so we can capture the natural magic and beauty that each moment creates.

Organic. Dynamic. Endearing.

Love is organic, dynamic and remains endearing through time. The stories etched in your hearts are the subjects we love to capture the most.

What we notice is the effect of that love to others; and these are captured through our lenses.

On a day of celebrating your love with the person who knows you best, you want to be you. Authenticity is key and we are grateful to have the privilege of sharing joy and dynamic motion — where our couples can be who they truly are.

Amidst everything, love serves as an inspiration. Your love is our inspiration in producing photos that are as meaningful as the memories built behind it.


Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.

- Maya Angelou


We are inspired by the kind of love that is organic, dynamic, and endearing.

Having witnessed many “knots” and manifestations of love, we have learned to “direct less” and facilitate more — less of us and more of you.

Allow us to encourage you to become who you are called to be, with the person you love. Let us enable you to choose to be yourselves.