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We spend our days capturing inspiration, knowing more about the personalities and stories of the couples we work with, and approaching our craft with devotion and creativity.

Chestknots Studios is composed of creative and passionate photographers. We all share a love for creating unique photographs, and for making people feel great on their special day.

Our style is relaxed, with our photos exuding happiness, fun and a natural vibe.

We simply love what we do, and it shines through the people who stand in front our camera. This is how Chestknots Studios brings love a knotch Higher!

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People get married in Tagaytay for different reasons. Some do it to escape the stress of dealing with a Manila wedding. Others do it for the cool weather and nice views. For JB and Cecile, it was because it was special to them, in their own crazy and romantic way.

A lover of rock music, JB is expressive and emotional, but can burst out a laugh in an instant. Cecile is an adventurer and traveler, and loves to appreciate the little things. Despite the differences, we could tell that they were perfect for each other.

Congratulations once again to JB and Cecile! :)

Preps Venue: Hacienda Isabella

Ceremony: Caleruega Church

Reception: Hacienda Isabella

Photographer: Chestknots Studios
Videographer: Daily Dose Productions
Coordinator: Christine Ong-Te
Make-up: Toto Bagamsbad
Florist: Flowers Overload


‘Wedding’, a word that is formally defined as ” a ceremony at which two people are married to each other”; a word that generally connotes and elicits a positive thought and response in each and every one of us for its profound meaning. While, weddings essentially refer to the aforementioned, it is not just a ceremony for Nestee and Sol, but a celebration of love, a realization of a dream, and a beginning of another journey.

Nestee and Sol decided to settle with a relaxed, fresh, and polished wedding. In line with this, deciding on the theme of the wedding is clearly just the tip of an iceberg inherent to wedding preparations as couples are confronted with the challenge of tedious planning; having to engage in thousands of conversations as well as collaborations to pull off a wedding that is truly their own and speaks of who they are. Truth be told, with human strength alone, a perfect wedding is impossible. Nestee and Sol are grateful to have been blessed with a perfect weather for their most awaited day.

Nestee and Sol’s wedding, was a realization of every couple’s dream. For, despite some hiccups and glitches that day; it no longer mattered. Nestee and Sol know in their hearts that what ultimately matters is not to have a grand, perfectly orchestrated wedding ceremony or reception, but to be able to make their vows and commitment to each other in front of God.

“Happiness is being married to your best friend” – from the bride herself, Sol.

Congratulations Nestee and Sol.


Preparations: Discovery Country Suites Tagaytay

Ceremony: Chapel on the Hill

Reception: Splendido Gold and Country Club


Photographer: Chestknots Studio

Videographer: Wang Videography

Gown Designer: Kristel Yulo

Make-up artist: Jasmine Mendiola

Event Stylist and Entourage Flowers: Saso Event Styling

Cake : Joy San Gabriel

Invitation: Novia Zapata
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Countless trips and adventurous here and abroad finally brought these two together for their biggest adventure yet! Their memorable engagement session in Singapore still remains fresh in our minds! Mark and Tricia gave us creative freedom from their prenup to their wedding and we just loved it! There are too many beautiful details to share from their wedding and their love for each other just pops out from the photos! Just an effortless day at work for us!

Preparations: Meteora

Church: Chapel on the Hill

Reception: Balai Taal

Photographer: Chestknots Studio

Videographer: Bob Nicolas

Make up: Mickey See

Gown: Jazel Sy

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We’re pleased to present SCOUTS: A Chestknots Studio One Day Photography Bootcamp! If you are a freelance photographer looking to improve his craft, or a wedding team leader looking to bring your team closer to each other, then this is perfect for you!

Learn various types of Professional Photography Skills


August 28 | August 30

Early Bird: P 4,800

Regular Fee: P6,000



Group of 5, less 5%

Group of 10, less 10%



UNITY: Working effectively as a team can turn a wedding from good to great.

Shooting individually and as a team
Achieving consistent quality among team members
Roles for photography teams
Team communication
Workflow and shot list for weddings

Working under time pressure & trouble shooting
Lesson forum and application


IDENTITY: Photography skills are important, but being confident and well rounded makes a wedding easier to shoot.

Building your brand and identifying your style
Technical camera techniques

Posing vs Directing

Forming personal relationships
Building up your communication skills and self-confidence
Situational photography skills
Lesson forum and application


ATTRACT: Effective marketing techniques are one of the keys to attracting clients.

Develop your brand and identity

Develop your target market

Utilize marketing techniques and upsell services

How to effectively communicate and Build relationships with clients

Lesson forum and application


It’s amazing how weddings can bring people from various parts of the world to celebrate one very special day for two people in love! Malvin and Peachy, with beloved family and friends who hail miles away from the Philippines, celebrated their special event, which was fortunately blessed with unnaturally good weather for this season.

The lively and sunny atmosphere was contagious; you can sense a mix of excitement and anticipation in the air. They couple surprised each other with thoughtful gifts, Peachy bought Malvin his sought after PS4 console, and Malvin bought Peachy beautiful pearl earrings. Sweet gestures like this show that giving surprises never gets old!

Rain threatened to pour throughout the day as they celebrated the ceremony in St. Therese Church, but the couple was fortunate enough to be favored with bright and warm sunlight. We also discovered this tall and lush green wall  in Hyatt Hotel, which was really perfect for our fun post nuptial shoot with the couple and their groomsmen and bridesmaids.

They were lucky enough to have been blessed with this perfect day, and we think we’ll all agree that they are definitely, definitely lucky enough to have found each other!

Congratulations Malvin and Peachy!
Preparation: Hyatt Hotel
Ceremony: St. Therese Child of Jesus
Reception: Hyatt Hotel

Photo: Chestknots Studio
Video: Cinemaworks Wedding Art Film
Make up Artist: Lindsay Co-Alog
Bride, Groom, Entourage Dress - Zandra Lim
Coordinator: Louise Pink Events Management
Event Stylist & Florist: Raflora Enterprises
Host: Jerome Go


























































































When Doy first laid his eyes on Kristal he knew he was looking at the woman he was going to marry. As cliche as it may sound, He was struck by love at first sight, describing that Kristal was glowing in white when he first saw her. The plain hi-hellos soon grew into a wonderful friendship. But Kristal had other priorities that left his feelings unrequited. Eventually Doy stopped pursuing Kristal, this is when she realized how happy he made her, and how God gave her the blessing that was in Doy. Their friendship eventually blossomed into a happy and meaningful relationship centered in God. And the rest as the couple said, was history.

The two was so excited on their wedding day that they couldn’t bare to spend the whole morning without each other, that they even met while Doy was blindfolded, a few minutes before their wedding. Get to see a wedding full of tears, laughter, love and “kilig”-inducing moments as captured through our lenses.

Photography by Chestknots Studios

Video by Alt – X Studios

HMUA by Ana Isip


Sometimes, you just meet a couple who are so perfect for each other the moment you meet them. Such was the case when we met Miko and Angeli for the first time. A good looking couple not only physically, but also very in love with each other.

Their preparations were held at the Peninsula Manila, where Miko had a fun time preparing! Angeli meanwhile, seemed to love being in front of the camera, as we had tons of beautiful portraits of her. It was one of the more relaxed wedding preparations we’ve had. The ceremony was at the Santuario de San Jose Parish, where everyone kept their eyes on the stars of that day. Everything was smooth, perfect, and all the smiles and emotions made it a really happy ceremony!

Their after-dark portrait session at The Blue Leaf showed that they were game to have memorable photos well into the night. Cute details also abounded at their reception, which made for some very pretty photos! All in all, we really enjoyed shooting this wedding.

Congratulations once again, Miko and Angeli! :)

PHOTOGRAPHY: Chestknots Studios

VIDEOGRAPHY: David Garmsen

COORDINATOR: Chinkie Uy-Agregado

WEDDING GOWN: Albert Andrada

MAKEUP: Joyce de Dios Ignacio

CATERING: Hizon’s Catering










bibo feature

Normally, when we put up a new blog, we ask our couples some questions about their relationship to get us started writing. When I asked Bibo & Bei about their love story, I felt like Bei was able to perfectly capture their fun & funny relationship in her reply that I decided to include her anecdote in the blog. Albeit Bibo protested a different version here is Bibo & Lea’s love story:

“So what’s our love story?

Bibo and I met at work. On my first day, I had lunch together with some of the guys from my team. A friend of theirs, who never ate at the canteen, (and also didn’t by lunch there that day) joined us and introduced himself by saying “Hi! I’m Bibo! B-I-B-O!” What a nerd. *rolls eyes* So did I know he liked me from the first day he saw me? Pretty much. He’ll never admit it to it, but it was pretty obvious, right? After that he’d stay a bit in our area to chat, sometimes get a Mentos from my pedestal.. so we got to know each other a bit better and became friends. And then we became coffee buddies. Pa-impress pa siya nun eh so even if he was really kuripot (stingy), he didn’t say no to Starbucks everyday.

Eventually it turned to chat messages with him asking “OT ka ba? (Are you OT?)”, which is his way of asking if I wanted to have dinner with him. After that first dinner, it just clicked. It was 3 months of dating filled with conversations of “what would you do if <insert absurd event here>, to teasing each other with “Love mo na ko no (You’re already in love with me, aren’t you)?!”, and him pretending to trip just so he can put his arm around my shoulders. Lame, I know. What can I say, I guess I had a soft spot for geeks.

The day after our department Christmas party in Tagaytay, he brought me home. On our way there, he asked “So ano na (So what now)?” It was obvious we liked each other. I just said I’d think about it first. (Pakipot pa eh, no?! Haha!) To which he replied, “Advise mo na lang ako pag tayo na (Just advice me when we become official).” When we got home, before I got out of the car I said “Mark your calendar”. And that was the start of the 5-year long boyfriend-girlfriend relationship in which we had fights I could count with only one hand.

Bibo, to me, was home. He was my comfort zone. Even on days where I was feeling frustrated or extremely shy and I just wanted to keep inside my shell and shut the world out, he would coax me out and I’d know I could because he was there beside me and I was safe. I, on the other hand, was the one who pulled him out of his comfort zone by persuading him to try out new places or food. I was the excitement in his, otherwise, routinary life. On our 4th anniversary, he planned a trip to Mactan, and on the banks of the beach, got down on one knee and told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. I have to admit, I didn’t hear a word he said because when he was about to kneel, I was bawling my eyes out and was just nodding my head non-stop. I had a hint he was going to propose, but what I didn’t expect, was the sudden surge of happiness one could feel when that happened. Everything was surreal after that. From planning the wedding… to the wedding itself.

On our 5th anniversary, we celebrated by saying “I do” and now, we are living our happy-ever-after. On the wedding day, as you know, I was just floating on clouds. There was nothing that could keep the smile off my face. And for that very beautiful and fun wedding, we would like to thank…

Photographer: Chestknots
Videographer: Threelogy
Bridal gown: Veejay Floresca
Groom’s suit: Pepsi Herrera 
Hair & make-up: Jasmine Mendiola
Caterer: K by Cunanan
Mobile Bar: Juice Box
Cake: Cake Concepts
Florist: Zenas Pineda
Bridal Entourage Gowns: Berry Tenchavez
Groom’s Entourage Suits: Willy
Coordinators: Bridesmaids & Co.
Photobooth: Flipbooks
Bridal Car: Don Robert’s Bridal Cars
Lights & Sounds: Nino Belza 
Church Music: String Minstrels 
Church: San Antonio de Padua, Silang, Cavite 
Reception & Prep Venue: The Hills at Silang